International partners

Helvartis is part of the PenApps project which aims to build on the success of the Vetcop project, an Erasmus+ project running from 2018 to 2020.

The goal is to build an online platform that makes it possible for all Practice Enterprises, located in 23 European countries, to take part in international trade. Trainees working there will be able to acquire many skills and qualifications in international trade and increase their employability.

This project also include

  • the development of an advertising module where trainees can learn and practice e-commerce
  • a web application that connects schools and training centres and provides a forum for sharing information, documents and networking
  • an overall messaging and notifications system
  • a monitoring and ticketing system to ensure sustainability for the modules
  • an innovative concept called Worlds

The integration of the Worlds concept brings the Practice Enterprise concept into the 4.0 period by allowing student-run enterprises to operate in their own world – where time can stop and move around depending on where the students are in their learning process in comparison to the required business cycle.

This project is a partnership between Helvartis and European organisations involved in education and professional training



International Business College

REEP EuroEntEnt

Bfz Essen

German PE's Headquarters as an associate partner

Helvartis partners

Our partners provide the Swiss network with a range of products commonly used in the workplace, thus strengthening practical training opportunities and learner employability. Some partners also offer product-oriented training, for which they supply the products.

Network partners

A Practice Entreprise is generally sponsored by one or several businesses from the private sector. Exchanges such as these ensure that the tasks performed in the PE are in line with those practiced in import and export companies. They also provide an opportunity to open up to the local economy and establish links essential to maintaining socio-economic balance; what is more, in a free economy they draw attention to the necessity to create new work opportunities, notably for people excluded from the labour market.


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